Friday, November 05, 2021

Wartime films and records for November 11 announces that until Remembrance Day it is making available free substantial collections of Canadian Second World War records, images, and newsreels.

Leading up to Remembrance Day, Ancestry Canada is providing free access to new and existing Canadian World War II record collections. These new collections include 2,500 images and more than 100 newsreels depicting scenes from combat and routine life during WWII.

For the first time, the collections are indexed, making it easier for Canadians to directly search visual war footage by name and connect these visual records to family trees on Ancestry. The footage in the collections provides a unique perspective into how our ancestors lived and experienced the war.

They will doubtless want some kind of trial membership in exchange for the access, and then they will market subscriptions to you mercilessly. I admit I have become hooked on the ease of researching the basic life details of just about anybody through Ancestry, but it can be accessed via public or academic libraries for occasional use.   

Update, same day: Also, the Canadian War Museum has a lot of online and onsite Remembrance Day programming to offer.  No subscription there.

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