Thursday, November 04, 2021

Blog mechanics: Subscriptions and Feedburner UPDATED

 A loyal reader writes to tell me she likes this blog enough to have set up a subscription to it so she's alerted to new posts (I think that's what it means). But her husband, who now wants his own subscription instead of relying on her forwarding links to him, has found that the little message at the bottom of the page doesn't function, so he is unable to subscribe. Could I just add him to my list?

Well, no, not yet, anyway. 

I did mention some months ago that Blogger, the Google-owned program on which this blog runs, was discontinuing use of the Feedburner gadget that it had attached to my blog and all Blogger-based blogs. Turns out Feedburner, all autonomous from me, was what had enabled Loyal Reader to set up her subscription but is now ignoring Loyal Reader's Husband's attempt. Since Feedburner's shutdown, it maintains existing subscriptions but does not accept new ones.

I must look into this, I guess. In the meantime, attempts to subscribe will presumably be stymied. Pending a fix, please check back from time to time; we're here fairly often.  

Thx, loyal Sandra. 

Update November 5: Help from another loyal reader:  

There's no need to use Blogger or Feedburner gadgets to subscribe. Anyone with a proper feed reader can subscribe using this URL:  

I use Mozilla's Thunderbird as my email reader, and it serves as a feed reader too. 

Thank you, John! I understand there are many feed readers, depending on your platform and favoured programs. Along with Thunderbird, I hear Feedly is a standard. Here's a list of recommended ones. [So: don't link to the URL in John's note above. Copy the URL, find a feed reader, then paste the URL into it.] 



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