Monday, June 03, 2024

History of hockey

I didn't watch much of the hockey playoffs, even when the Maple Leafs were still contending.  But last night I thought I might check in on the Edmonton Oilers' Game 6 chance to clinch a place in the Stanley Cup finals.

Nothing!  No network I have any connection to seemed to be carrying it. I was reduced to following some YouTube stunt where a crew of commentators talked us through the last few minutes and seconds. 

Where is the National Broadcaster when you need it? Gotta say I agreed with Jack Todd, a columnist with the Edmonton Journal  Would the CBC be covering the Leafs if they had gone this far? Todd is pretty sure he knows the answer. 

Even for CEO Catherine Tait and her Merry Band of Bonus Bandits, it was breathtaking folly. The Edmonton Oilers, Canada’s most exciting team, were a couple of wins away from playing in the Stanley Cup final for a nation that hasn’t seen a Cup parade since the Canadiens won it all in 1993.

So where was the CBC, for decades the home of Hockey Night in Canada?

Nowhere to be found, that’s where.

...The decision to opt out of playoff games even if they featured a Canadian team had been made months before, when the CBC decided to air instead something called the Canadian Screen Awards followed by a Just for Laughs special on the evening of what turned out to be Game 5, and a reality show called Canada’s Ultimate Challenge during Sunday evening’s Game 6.

Worse, the CBC did show the final game of the Panthers-Rangers series featuring two American teams.
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