Thursday, May 30, 2024

This Month at Canada's History

The June-July issue of Canada's History, now in the hands of subscribers, features a long, thoughtful article by Francis Furstenburg about the Quebec Act on its 250th anniversary, entitled "Tolerance or Tyranny" and exploring how what became a confirmation of francophone and Catholic rights in Quebec was framed as imperial tyranny and oppression in the Thirteen Colonies.

Also a memoir of youthful Canadians playing baseball in Cuba in 1964, when Fidel himself came up to bat.  And astrophysicist Allie Vebert Douglas, a visit to Butchart Gardens, and a slew of reviews in the Summer Reading Guide.

I appreciated the letter from Warren Bell of Salmon Arm BC.  He likes "the diversity of articles" in a recent issue and their willingness to address "challenging but importnat subjects whose visibility in our world needs to be enhanced."  One of the ones he cites from a recent issue is my own "Fuelling Anger" from Dec '23-Jan '24.

Have a look: June-July 2024 - Canada's History (

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