Tuesday, February 21, 2023

New at the Literary Review and Canada's History

This month's Literary Review of Canada includes my review of the winner and short-listed books of the 2022 Cundill Prize in history. From contemporary Russia to Cuba across five hundred years to the American South in slavery time, much big history to ponder. Plus Tim Cook on Acadians at war, Newfoundland shipwrecks, an appreciation of Moshie Safdie,, some political memoirs, big trees in BC and much else

Nice to see my closing lines on the state of nonfiction narrative getting some traction on Twitter too.

Nothing from me in this month's Canada's History, which arrived while I was away.  But much good stuff on the end of capital punishment, commandos at war, the history of crokinole (!) and more. Cover story on the evolution of Caribbean-Canadian fashion.  I'll be back soon


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