Friday, February 24, 2023

Hard Histories at the History Forum

In Ottawa next week?  You might take in Hard Histories at the 15th Annual History Forum sponsored by the Canada's History Society on Friday March 2.

Museums, educators, researchers, and heritage organizations are increasingly seeking ways to address difficult and sensitive historical topics in a respectful and inclusive manner. Topics such as colonialism, genocide, and other forms of injustice and violence can be contested or traumatic and it can be challenging to know how to approach this content appropriately.

How can we initiate respectful and productive conversations about hard histories? How can we acknowledge past injustices against traditionally marginalized communities, while also recognizing the agency and dignity of all individuals involved? How can we empower audiences to confront the ongoing legacies that have resulted from these histories?

The Canada’s History Forum features presentations from experts in a range of fields that explore best practices for dealing with difficult history in museum exhibitions, public programming, teaching, and research.

Speakers include Afua Cooper and David  A Robertson.  Admission is free but registration is required.  Details right here.


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