Tuesday, September 13, 2022

History of the threat from troublesome MPs

 Regular readers are familiar with my dismissal of Canadian party-leadership selection processes as "vote-buying orgies." (Will they call them "Poilievres" in future?) Maybe I should present a view opposing my own.

This is organizer/strategist/pollster/spindoctor Kory Teneycke commenting on the Conservative convention the other day. He explains that MPs -- the elected representatives of the people -- are troublesome meddlers with too many opinions of their own and need to be firmly taken in hand. And Michael Chong's Reform Act is the "worst idea ever." Skip to 1:55:00 -- the good bit is not very long. 

Notons that for the Teneyckes who bestride Canadian politics these days, where they sit has an influence on where they stand. Endless leadership "races" and subsequent consultancies to those who win them are why they all make a living.

H/T Brian Busby, who watched where I did not.
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