Monday, September 19, 2022

History of the monarchists

Seemed like all those who think we need to reconsider this thing about the "Canadian" monarchy agreed there could be a moratorium on all that during the services in memory of Elizabeth II.  The statement from Citizens for a Canadian Republic was notable, particularly its close: 

There will be many occasions for making our case for a republic. This is not one of them. Therefore, in respect for the royal family and the millions of Canadians grieving the loss of the Queen, Citizens for a Canadian Republic will not be taking media interviews until next week.
There was, on the other hand, a flood of monarchist triumphalism to accompany the mourning. Insistance that Canada cannot, simply cannot, change its relations to the British monarch was everywhere. Maybe there can be less of that now.  My own piece on Canada after Elizabeth should be up at soon.

Of all the coverage, my own favorite was a tweet: "What, they are letting a man be the queen now? This woke nonsense has gone too far!"  Her Maj might have smiled.

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