Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Seasonal best wishes, reminiscences, and blog hiatus

 Shortest day of the year!  Christmas is coming up fast. And the dearth of recent posts here suggests to me I am on the seasonal hiatus and should just declare it so.

But if you are pining for more, may I introduce you to an interview with me recently undertaken by the UBC History Department and published by the Faculty of Arts. I graduated from the UBC history program fifty years ago, and they asked me to reminisce about my historical career since then and my advice for today's history students. I like how it starts:

Q. How did your experience at UBC History influence your career?

A. It convinced me I did not love universities and did not want to be an academic — and I mean that as a compliment.

For the rest, follow this link.  

Stay well during these holidays. I was recently reading a small diary my mother kept in 1955, when my recently immigrated family, including a very young me, was living in Nelson, British Columbia. On Christmas Day 1955, my mother describes snow falling all day, the children getting up before seven in the morning, and a big crowd coming for Christmas dinner.

This year in Toronto, snow is chancy, we will not be up so early, and the dinner crowd will be smaller. Other than that: timeless.


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