Thursday, December 30, 2021

Honours watch: Historians at the Order of Canada

Pretty good run of historians among the new inductees to the Order of Canada.   

Friesen CM
I note Max Eisen the Holocaust memorist, the Manitoba and prairie historian Gerry Friesen, baseball historian Bill Humber, Frances Henry the scholar of the Caribbean experience in Ontario, Yvon Lambert the collector of Quebec song traditions, Gregory Marchildon the medicare historian, historical podcaster, and Saskatchewan public servant, and Niagara heritage champion Pamela Minns. Congratulations to all.

Update, December 31: Worldwide acclaim for prairie historian! Helen Webberley comments from Melbourne, Australia:
When my maternal family left Russia, half came to Melbourne and half went to Winnipeg. When the family reunions started every four years, alternating in those two cities, I am not sure I could have accurately placed Winnipeg on the map. So I had to quickly start reading, and mum’s cousins recommended I start with Gerry Friesen. He well deserves his Order of Canada.

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