Sunday, March 07, 2021

Wigs in Newfoundland (a contender for top ten most insignificant historical queries, but still....)

Around the internet, I can find various statements (eg, Wikipedia here) that judges and lawyers in Newfoundland and Labrador ceased to wear legal wigs in court in 1949. Not impossible, but Newfoundland administered its own courts both before joining Canadian confederation and after, so there's no obvious causal relationship to be drawn from that date. Above all, I have seen no reliable source referenced for this or any other date. 

Can anyone come up with a source for the end of official wig-wearing in Newfoundland courts, in 1949 or some other date? An amendment to the Judicature Act? A resolution of the Law Society? A rule of court from the Chief Justice? Or (quite possibly) just evidence of a gradual shift in legal habits court by court.

All useful evidence gratefully received and acknowledged. 

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