Monday, March 08, 2021


 Tom Bergbusch writes:

I only email you because it is impossible to praise your posts in comments!

I thank you for alerting us to the publication of Le régime seigneurial au Québec: fragments d’histoire et de mémoire, which I shall certainly acquire.

I recall that Marcel Trudel, I believe in volume 2 of Mythes et réalités de l’histoire du Québec, briefly mentioned a colleague who continued to receive payments by former seigneurial tenants! It may be in another book in the series.

Another excellent post.

Your encouragement is warmly appreciated, Tom -- as is the mention of a Trudel work I don't know of. 

But I do publish comments! I'm doing it right now. I just ask that comments be emailed. One click to start a comment, one more to send the email. 

I continue to be disinclined to commit endless time and effort to policing the masses of spam that an open comments system produces. Also, consider how much non-spam drivel (no, not from you!) piles up in the comment sections of blogs and news sites that allow open commenting. When we want that, there's Twitter.     

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