Friday, October 12, 2012

Carleton Library Series hits fifty years

Remember the small print on newsprint pages and the always-split-lengthwise glued spines?  Those early Carleton Library paperbacks were cheap and they looked it.

Well, the books have improved since then. But the impact was probably greatest at the beginning, when the Carleton Library editions were about the only ones available.

But the point is, the Carleton Library series of Canadian documentary reprints and original scholarship is hitting its fiftieth year. Details here and here.

Over the years it has moved from McClelland & Stewart to Carleton University Press to McGill-Queen's, which mostly uses it now to reprint backlist titles.Turns out -- I actually didn't know when I began drafting this -- that The Illustrated History of Canada, of which I am a co-author and which is now published by McGill-Queen's, is the 226th CLS title.
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