Thursday, October 11, 2012

But this is crazy: history of the Bieb

A press release raises the possibility that all Canadian celebrities are related.  Course it helps if you can play the game of l'ancetre francophone:
Researchers at have discovered that Canadian stars Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne are cousins. Bieber’s celebrity bloodline doesn’t stop there either as he’s also related to mega-star Celine Dion.
 Family history experts at Ancestry discovered that Bieber, Gosling and Lavigne share a common family connection that goes back 400 years to some of Quebec’s earliest settlers. Bieber and Gosling are 11th cousins once removed and Bieber and Lavigne are 12th cousins through common relatives Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bir√©. 
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