Tuesday, May 29, 2012

War of 1812 live Twitter feed loaded and ready to fire

Canadianist and historyblogger Andrew Smith, now teaching in the UK, announces a day-by-day Twitter feed of the events of the War of 1812 (+200 years).

Andrew reports: 
Over the next three years, a team of undergraduates working under my direction will be live tweeting the War of 1812, plus 200. Events will be reported exactly 200 years to the day after they took place….  Our tweets will include links to digitised primary sources related to the event being discussed. (For instance, on 18 June 2012 we will send out a tweet to a scanned image of President Madison’s formal declaration of war against Britain). The aim is to get readers to explore that vast number of primary sources that have been placed online in the last decade. Most of the online primary sources we will link to are materials from US, British, and Canadian archives.
Andrew hopes the twitter feed will help bring “the great wealth of online primary sources about the war to the attention of the public” (and also give some undergraduates experience in digital public history, “while putting some cash into their pockets.”) 

The twitter feed will be @Warof1812Live. The related blog, Warof1812Live is here. Having looked into this kind of project myself and flinched from the amount of work required, I'm delighted to see Andrew applying his organizational skills to this.  I wish his team well and I'll be looking in.

The war starts June 18. Keep your powder dry.

Update, May 30:  Charles Levi tells me that the Archives of Ontario has begun to tweet from the 1812-era diary of Ely Playter, York-area farmer and militiaman @elyplayter1812

[Image: Wikipedia via Warof1812Live.]
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