Monday, June 15, 2020

Prize Watch: the Canada Prizes

The Aid to Scholarly Publishing program of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences operates the Canada Prizes, juried awards given annually for the best scholarly books it has funded. 

This year the English-language prize went to Wendy Wickwire for At the Bridge: James Teit and an Anthropology of Belonging. The French-language prize went to Michel Bouchard, Guillaume Marcotte, and Sébastien Malette for Les Bois-Brûlés de l’Outaouais: une étude ethnoculturelle des Métis de la Gatineau.  Full details, including nominees and juries, here.

This second book, which I have not seen or read, has excellent testimonials and a strong affirmation from the jury, but it may be controversial because the concept of Métis in the Ottawa Valley, as used in the title, is controversial. The Métis National Council rejects the claim of Métis nationality having arisen outside western Canada, and many scholars affirm that "Métis" is indeed a specific nationality and not a description for all communities with mixed race ancestry., 
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