Monday, May 04, 2020

History of indigenous title -- still an issue

Remember the pipeline blockade and the national crisis over Wet'suwet'en land title that stopped trains, sent out marchers, and galvanized politicians and commentators just a couple of months ago?  Before the media went all Covid-19, and everything else vanished from the headlines?

Well, it is still an issue. And while we were all looking elsewhere, lack of public attention may actually have facilitated some progress. Twenty-three years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada said the governments involved needed to talk to each other outside the courtrooms. The BC online magazine The Tyee -- nice to see some independent Canadian media does not seem to be at death's door -- reports that, actually, talks have started.
The agreement acknowledges the three governments will work together as “equals.”
“We look forward to advancing this important work to implement Wet’suwet’en rights and title as three equal governments,” the joint statement reads.
On the other hand, police patrols and pipeline work continues. So it is not exactly settled.
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