Monday, July 01, 2024

Prize Watch: Historians and Writers on the Canada Day Order of Canada list

I thought the Canada Day Order of Canada list was usually the "artsy" list, but there are not too many writers on this year's. 

(Update: On review, I'm not so sure of this. Searching some past posts, I find quite a few writers and artists on the New Year's lists as well. So whadda I know?)

I note Professor Terry Copp, the military historian, and William Fox, the Parks Canada archaeologist, among the historians and history-adjacent appointments. Congratulations to them both, and also to Arnie Gelbart, the Montreal documentary filmmaker, co-creator with the late Brian McKenna of many historical documentaries of note.  And Sylvia Hamilton, the Nova Scotian historical educator and promoter of Black culture in the Maritimes.

Among literary writers, bill bissett seems to be about it. There is a handful of musicians (eg, Daniel Lanvoie and Avril Lavigne), artists (Christi Belcourt), and actors (Tina Keeper). But it seems to be scientists and innovators more than artists and writers, who got attention this season.

The full list is here on the Governor-General's site.

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