Wednesday, November 08, 2023

History of me and the DCB and Edith Sheppard, part II

My biography of Edith Sheppard is up on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography website as promised.

I confirmed recently that the first contribution I made to the DCB was published in 1979 (and written some years earlier). Since I currently have two forthcoming biographies in the pipeline, neither of which is close to publication, I must be on track to attain the status of a fifty-year contributor.  Not sure what the record might be, but Robert Fraser was already on staff there when it was published, so he at least is ahead of me.

The DCB site seems to be loading slowly and there is an ominous message posted about "technical difficulties." The Toronto Public Library system has been undergoing a ransomware attack recently. Would anyone try to take thousands of dead Canadians hostage at the DBC?

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