Monday, August 28, 2023

History of Charlevoix and tourism

I'm just back from a brief holiday in Quebec and particularly the Charlevoix region. Happy to report, there is an excellent recent guidebook to that region, published by my friend David Mendel of Quebec City's Mendel Tours.

The Charlevoix district runs from Baie Ste-Paul to Tadoussac.  It is all spectacular and charming and full of places to visit or just gaze upon. The guidebook's focus, however, is on the town of Malbaie and -- since the Mendel Guide's interests always emphasize architecture -- the remarkable resort homes built around Malbaie in the nineteenth and early twentieth century by wealthy Americans and English-Canadians. One regular was the historian George Wrong, who wrote a big book nearly a century ago about the Scottish-Canadian seigneurs of the region.  

As it happened, the little auberge we stayed at stood in the midst of these stately mansions, and I learned a lot about them from the Mendel guide and its superb photography.

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