Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Join the Editor's Circle

Tomorrow Thursday Carolyn Harris, "the royal historian," and I (not so royalist, shall we say), are doing a webinar with Mark Reid, editor of Canada's History. We will be discussing our articles from the current issue of the magazine, hers reflecting on Queen Elizabeth II's history with Canada, mine, "Royal Dissent," talking about the challenges -- and opportunities -- we will face in abolishing the monarchy in Canada. I think we will have fun.

Carolyn Harris
Sorry, you are not invited. This podcast webinar series is for members of "The Editor's Circle"  -- that is, people who give generously to support the magazine and its works.  

Of course, you could join the Editor's Circle with a few clicks -- and get this premium content.

A lot of previously presented Canada's History material is available in podcast form.  Just not this one, not yet.

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