Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Prize Watch: CSN Prize to Daniel Ruck

Is all the best scholarship these days done by legal historians and published by the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History?

Last year Eric Reiter won the Canadian Historical Association best book prize for an Osgoode book, Wounded Feelings: Litigating Emotions in Quebec 1870-1950.  (A round table discussion of that book has just been published in the Journal of the CHA),  Now the Canadian Studies Network has chosen another Osgoode titleThe Laws and the Land: the Settler Colonial Invasion of Kahnawake in Nineteenth Century Canada by Daniel Ruck for its annual prize. The substantial haul of other prizes won by these and other Osgoode titles can be perused here.  

(Coincidentally, I'm speaking to the Osgoode Society members' Zoom workshop on Tuesday, September 20.) 

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