Saturday, August 27, 2022

Not the Tour, it's la Veulta

 I'm not really following the Vuelta a Espana, though in recent years it has had some of the best mountain racing and also some of the most beautiful landscapes of any Grand Tour.  I used to think Spain looks all dry and sunburnt, but when they get into Asturias and the Basque country and the Pyrenees the green hills and astonishing climbs are pretty terrific.

Sadly, Michael Woods, the only Canadian in the race, suffered a concussion in a bad crash three days into the race, and had to withdraw.  Poor Woods, after completing the whole 2022Tour de France up to the last day, was eliminated at the start of the mostly ceremonial ride into Paris when he tested positive for Covid.  And his team Israel-Premier Tech, the most Canadian team in the race, is on the edge of being relegated to the second tier of grand tour racing in the new ranking system pro cycling has adopted.  

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