Friday, April 29, 2022

History by analogy

Mackenzie, come again?

, the early Canadian history site, offers a little essay, a "cautionary tale," about the march on Toronto of the Upper Canadian rebellion of 1837 that sets up an odd, maybe perplexing, analogy to the recent Truckers' Convoy to Ottawa.  

I'm not sure what message the essay seeks to convey. If you sympathize with the rebels of 1837, you ought to have supported the truckers? Governor Bond Head's torching of civilian homes and other acts of vengeance are the same thing as Parliament's invocation of the Emergencies Act? Or just that all official actions against protest or violence are equally illegitimate? ("The issue of potential government overreach remains, and is even exacerbated, as it transcends the political spectrum when considering the modern issue.")

Or maybe that historical arguments are improved when they offer more than simple analogy and juxtaposition of past and present events.  

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