Thursday, December 09, 2021

This month at Canada's History

Subscribers to Canada's History are already reading the current issue: Sylvia Hamilton (recent Pierre Berton Award winner) on Portia White the opera singer, Dimitri Anastakis on Canadian car culture, Sydney Lockhart on pioneering feminist Grace Annie Lockhart, and Clive Webb on a kilted swindler in Winnipeg. There's also the book and gift guide, a bunch of reviews (notably Nancy Payne on Joe Sacco's Paying the Land and Dean Jobb on Margaret Conrad's new history of Nova Scotia) .And as they say, much more. 

Dimitri Anastakis, formerly at Trent University's History department, is now the Chair of Business History chair at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. That there is a Business History chair at the school owes much to Joe Martin, president emeritus of the foundation that publishes Canada's History. Joe made the case for Business History at Rotman in a very effective way: he demonstrated that having an endowed chair in business history was a hallmark of the most prestigious business schools around the world.

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