Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Book Notes: Osgoode Society issues The Laws and the Land by Daniel Rück

The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History is presently shipping to members the annual book in its series of legal history publications. This year it is The Laws and the Land: The Settler Colonial Invasion of Kahnawà:ke in Nineteenth Century Canada by Daniel Rück.

UBC Press, the publisher, reports:

Daniel Rück reveals increasingly powerful and aggressive colonial governments interfering with the affairs of one of the most populous and influential Indigenous communities in nineteenth-century Canada. What he describes is an invasion spearheaded by bureaucrats, Indian agents, politicians, surveyors, and entrepreneurs. Although these invasions were often chaotic and poorly planned, Rück shows that despite their apparent weaknesses they tended to benefit settlers while becoming sources of oppression for Indigenous peoples who attempted to navigate colonial realities while defending and building their own nations.

You may not be a legal historian, but books selected for the Osgoode Society collection   have a good track record for winning the CHA Prize and other historical awards; you might want to be aware of them.   

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