Wednesday, September 22, 2021

This month at Canada's History -- The Beaver resurfaces

Canada's History
remains Canada's History, but even some of its principals admit regret over the extinction of the title The Beaver ten years ago. In the current issue, editor Mark Reid announces that once a year The Beaver will return as a supplement within Canada's History, particularly focussed on Indigenous perspectives and the territory known as Rupert's Land. 

So inside this month Canada's History, The Beaver includes Wabi Benais Mistatim Equay (Cynthia Bird) on the 150th anniversary of Treaties One and Two and Michelle LaVallee on "The Indigenous Group of Seven," the notable group of artists behind Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.

Canada's History also asserts its steadily rising stature in this issue. An opening-pages acknowledgment of generous donations to its Editors' Circle alludes to the Canada's History Society's growing financial strength. A note on new Governor General Mary Simon suggesting how the Society plans to work with her suggests its influence and connections.

And the contents are strong too. Don Cummer on Canadian wartime POWs (the cover story), profiles of the musician Mary Bembrick and the artist Mary Riter Hamilton, a nice travel piece on D'Arcy McGee's Ireland, lots of letters, a substantial set of book reviews and notes, terrific illustrations....  Subscribe like you oughta, even if I'm not in this issue myself.

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