Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Not the Tour de France

My friend the legal scholar and historian Marty Friedland has a grandson, Mikey. This spring, for his own mental balance and to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Mikey Friedland decided to ride a bike from the B.C./American border to Tuktoyaktuk on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.  No entourage, no support vehicle, no support teams at every stop, but Mikey turns out to be a deft hand as a filmmaker, an engaging character on screen, and a cyclist not daunted by distance and other challenges.

He's now a long way down the road, and his videos about what it's like to cycle solo across a great many parallels of latitude are appearing regularly on YouTube.  Check them out to follow his progress and the fabulous terrain he is moving through. If you feel moved to send a dollar, tell him the History News sent you. That's the first in the series above and at this link  

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