Friday, July 16, 2021

Tour de France wrapup 2021

Tadej Pogacar looks unbeatable for the last competitive day, and should cruise into Paris in yellow on Sunday. Mark Cavanagh, having survived all the big hill stages, looks a good bet to win the final race on the Champs d'Elysee, and also take the record for the most stage wins in the history of the tour too. And today Canadian Michael Woods, no longer having a change to take the best climber points competition, withdrew from the Tour to start preparing his Olympic road race attempt.

So this wraps the Tour coverage. 

Except to say that when I was looking into the team called Israel Startup Nation, the one that Woods has been leading, I came across this surprising story about the "secret Jewish history of the Tour" -- which goes back to the very origins of the competition.

As the article says, "The Tour has its origins in the Dreyfus Affair which divided France between 1894 and 1906."  Whaah?

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