Monday, July 12, 2021

Book Notes: Butcher on visiting the National Parks

Marlis Butcher's Park Bagger: Adventures in the Canadian National Parks recounts the author's travels to every national park in Canada, save the one that was created just as she finished the book -- and she has plans for that one too.

I am the true Canadian park bagger, having visited every one of our national parks. Rocky Mountain Books just published my book Park Bagger - Adventures in the Canadian National Parks, in which I "share the park experience" with my readers. There's a chapter on each and every park - even a short bit on our newest park.

Thaidene Nene NP was opened late in 2019. Unfortunately next to no one from outside the NWT has been able to visit since the COVID-19 shut-downs. So I keep rebooking my visit to that park.

I don't know Marlis, but I'm honoured that she discovered a 2017 post from this blog (long forgotten by me) that looked a little dubiously upon another park-visit collector.

National Historic Parks (and sites) seem to be beyond the purview of this book -- with reason, as there are about 250 of them against 49 nature parks. I've seen a fair few of the historic ones, but not 250. The American National Geographic published a good guide to them some years ago. 

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