Friday, July 02, 2021

Alison Prentice 1934-2021 RIP

Alison Prentice, a historian of education in 19th century Ontario and a founder and leader of modern women's history in Canada, died recently in Victoria. 

Among much else, she co-authored the groundbreaking first edition of Canadian Women:A History (1988) and Creating Historical Memory (1998), a history of  historical writing by Canadian women from the 19th century pioneers to 1970. For her contributions to scholarship and women's history she was honoured with the Order of Canada and with the Alison Prentice prize in women's history of the Ontario Historical Society.

I recall interviewing her for a Beaver magazine profile about the time Creating Historical Memory was published, but a better review of her career is surely her "Life in History" memoir entitled "Winding Trails" for the Canadian Historical Review, 2012.

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