Wednesday, June 09, 2021

History of Upper Houses

 At the American mag The New Republic: an argument for the abolition of the United States Senate:

People talk of reforming the Senate in this way or that. But that’s hopeless. There’s only one conclusion here. Before the Senate kills democracy, we must kill the Senate.That’s right. Kill the Senate. It shouldn’t exist. Or maybe it can exist, but only as a toothless and meaningless body, like the British House of Lords.

The argument does not extend to suggesting just how the United States should go about the abolition.  Meanwhile should we give a little consideration here to the confederation-makers of 1867, who grasped how to make sustain democracy by making the Canadian upper house "toothless and meaningless" more than a hundred and fifty year ago?

Hat-tip to History News Network, which provided the link. 

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