Monday, April 05, 2021

History of research during pandemics

 The editors of the Canadian Historical Review have posted an intriguing, disquieting, post at the UTP Journals blog

They keep an eye on the gender of historians submitting articles for publication at the CHR.  And the proportion of men over women among would-be contributors has risen during the Covid lockdowns of the past year. Men have long outnumbered women among those submitting to the journal. Only the "invited contributions" category has shifted the needle toward equality somewhat.  And since the vast majority of submissions are unsolicited -- what they still quaintly call "over the transom."  

But a) who'da thunk the pandemic would change these numbers? and b) isn't it obvious when you do think about it? 

There's lots of testimony that the pandemic has affected women's work experience more than men's and that women have left off work to attend to family matters more than men have. So sure, it will apply to people sitting at their desks banging out research monographs for the scholarly journals.

Kudos to the CHR editors for thinking to check on it. 

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