Wednesday, October 07, 2020

New history from UT Press

Starting a fall roundup from some of the publishers, here are some of the new CanHist titles coming or recently arrived from University of Toronto Press. Old masters and new faces, recent and ancient times, subjects from politics, law, economy, immigration, indigenous....  Full details on all these and more here.

  • Heidi Bohaker, Doodem and Council Fire   Anishinaabe governance history
  • J.L. Granatstein, Canada at War   War and diplomacy from the unstoppable Jack
  • Donald B. Smith, Seen but Not Seen    Indigenous people "as seen" by 19th C colonists
  • Allyson Stevenson, Intimate Integration.    The sixties scoop.
  • Daniel S. Kaufmann, ed., No Better Home    Jewish and Canadian Identity
  • Margaret Conrad, At the Ocean's Edge    New Nova Scotia history to 1867.
  • Nelson Wiseman, Political Odysseys    History of political parties in Canada
  • Edward J. Hedican, After the Famine   Irish farm settlers in Ontario post 1845
  • Barry Wright and Susan Binnie, ed., Canadian State Trials III 1841-1914. Fenians, Riel, more
  • Lachlan MacKinnon, Closing Sysco    The decline of Cape Breton steelmaking
  • Carolyn Strange, The Death Penalty and Sex Murder in Canadian History

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