Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This Month at Canada's History

My subscription copy of Canada's History arrived today. For the first time in about 25 years, I don't have a column or article. But I'm still there. Look at the masthead when your copy arrives, and you will find I appear as "Contributing Editor." 

Editor Mark Reid has been tweaking the magazine format, as editors should. He proposed recently that instead of a 600-word column in every issue, I switch over to writing substantial features, a couple of thousand words or more. I was ready for that switch, and indeed my first feature is already submitted. I'll have features frequently, but not in every issue. 

At most magazines, "contributing" editors are non-staff writers who contribute material regularly, and are also available to consult as needed on future issues, contributors, topics, and so on.  Since I've been doing that informally, I thought I might as well claim some real estate on the masthead as well. 

Meanwhile, June-July at Canada's History has much on D-Day for the 75th anniversary.  Plus Mariana Valverde on Canada's start on legislating an end to LGBTQ discrimination. More exploration of the statues-and-monuments controversy. The annual summer history reading suggestions. And much more, in the mag itself (Subscribe!) and at the website.
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