Monday, December 03, 2018

History of the GG: not being there

I've had a reservoir of sympathy for Governor General Julie Payette, who has been pilloried in the media recently, possibly just for not doing things the way her predecessors did.  But...

Credible sources tell this blog that at the recent Governor General's Literary Awards at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Ms Payette gave a speech explaining at some lengths that she had read none of the winning books, indeed that she never read books at all, and even holding up a book with blank pages as the kind of book she liked.  It was also suggested that she left the event soon after the presentations were made and was not much seen at the reception that followed.

Confirmation or correction willingly received.  We were not there.

Update, December 4:  Okay, so she went to Kazakhstan to watch David St-Jacques blast off.  Does that make up for it all?

Update, December 7:  I'm informed it has now been confirmed that the Governor General Payette will present the Governor-General's History Awards in January.
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