Wednesday, May 02, 2018

History of Toronto's Annex: a literary Jane's Walk

                                         Drifting up Kendal to the
Turrets and gables, the looney apertures, the squiggles and
     Arches and baleful asymmetric frontal glare of the houses he loves
Toronto gothic
Walking north in the fine rain, going home through the late afternoon
     He comes to Sibelius Park.

-- Dennis Lee, "Sibelius Park," 1968

This is Jane's Walk weekend in Toronto and many other cities: a few days of urban discoveries through city walks, inspired by urban theorist Jane Jacobs.  It is also the weekend the Nonfiction Writing Collective meets in Toronto, and it likes to wrap up its conference with a literary walk.

So Sunday, May 6, "Everyone Walks on Brunswick Avenue Sooner or Later: An Annex Literary Walk" goes at 12.45 p.m from the St George subway stop, Bloor and St. George.  Since I could not convince Greg Gatenby, author of Toronto: A Literary Guide, to lead it, I'm doing it myself.  We will hit both Dennis Lee's Sibelius Park and Gwendolyn MacEwan's own park, and find out why Katherine Govier declared "Everyone lives on Brunswick Avenue sooner or later."

Jane's Walks are always free.  All the deets here.
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