Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer book list, 2: CanLit as history

This fall, House of Anansi, a fabled participant in the CanLit blossoming of the late 1960s is publishing Arrival,  a history of that phenomenon by Toronto English prof Nick Mount.  I've been enjoying an advance copy.

Mount has some provocative propositions about that 'sixties-seventies transformation in Canadian writing. He doesn't think the Canada Council and public funding for the arts had much to do with it, and deplores the nationalist impulse when he acknowledges it was a factor. Elaine Dewar's Handover, previously noted, is a useful antidote to some of these ideas: call it Departure.

But allow Mount his judgments. This is a terrifically lively telling, based on copious research lightly worn, and I hope it gets lots of attention when it appears in September.

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