Monday, May 02, 2016

Prize Watch: the Donner to Donald Savoie; honours to Craig Heron and Brian Young

Given the attention here recently to Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation, a Donner Prize nominee, we should note the prize and the $50,000 cheque went this weekend to Donald Savoie for What is Government Good At? a public-policy study by the political scientist and pride of Bouctouche, NB.

Savoie's work typically puts an emphasis on empowering civil servants -- to a degree that rather puzzles me, being more of a parliamentary-accountability guy.  But he's been a prolific and influential scholar of government -- honour richly deserved.

In other recent prizes, Brian Young was awarded the Canada Prize in the Humanities for Patrician Families and the Making of Quebec: The Taschereaus and McCords Like Savoie's book, that is a McGill-Queen's Press title. 

And -- a major international win -- Craig Heron received the International Labor History Association Book of the Year prize for Lunch-Bucket Lives, Remaking the Workers’ City.  That is a Between the Lines Press publication.

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