Monday, April 11, 2016

Lount and Matthews Day

Ashok Charles of the Lount and Matthews Commemoration Committee (who knew?) reminds me that tomorrow, April 12, marks the 138th anniversary of the execution of Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews in Toronto for their roles in the Upper Canadian rebellion of 1837. The annual commemoration of their deaths will be held at 5.30 pm at Courthouse Square (location), the site of the gallows at the time.

Image:  from Historical Narratives of Early Canada

Update, same day:  Chris Raible, who knows 1837, writes:
The image you credit to "Historical Narratives of Canada" was first published in 1839 by W L Mackenzie in his Caroline Almanac for 1840 published in Rochester, New York.
Note the prisoners staring through the bars wondering who's next.
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