Monday, January 11, 2016

What happened to John A.'s birthday?

There were a couple of entertaining evenings at Grano on North Yonge Street, full of history nerds and older journalists and a few Tory insiders, lively conversation and arch speeches. Then it got a bit bigger and moved to a vast elegant room at the University of Toronto, A kind of corporate organization had begun to take over. Speeches were more worshipful, and Richard Gwyn was repeatedly referred to as the official biographer.

These were some January 11th events leading up to last year, John A. Macdonald's two hundredth birthday, a monster dinner at the Royal York hotel that I missed. It was getting to be an annual thing.

And today?  I'd forgotten today was the day. The celebrations seem to be over, which is kinda disappointing  Why not have a good time on the 201th?  (God, maybe they just forgot to invite me.)
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