Friday, January 15, 2016

We could be royals

Republic Now makes the case for Canadians on Canadian stamps and coins
"If a stamp comes out on John A. Macdonald's birthday, the postal service should picture him, not another image of Queen Elizabeth. British royalty has been wildly overexposed on our stamps, impeding Canadians who might otherwise have been honoured."

Elizabeth Windsor, as a princess or queen, has appeared on some 76 Canadian stamps. No Canadian comes anywhere close to being pictured as often as Elizabeth II, who sometimes appears on multiple issues in a single year. By contrast, Macdonald, the chief architect of Confederation, has appeared on just four stamps in the past 89 years, and never on a first-class regular (definitive) stamp.
And on the money too:
The Royal Canadian Mint has *never* featured a Canadian on the head of a Canadian coin in its 108-year history. Republic Now calls on the Mint to reverse this policy, saluting Canadians on the obverse of all its coins. 

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