Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Franklin at the Literary Review

The new Literary Review of Canada has a quietly devastating review by the American literary scholar Adrianna Craciun of John Geiger and Alanna Mitchell's Franklin's Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of HMS Erebus.  The authors, she suggests, treat Stephen Harper much as Lady Franklin treated the memory of her husband
[T]he hero of the 2014 search [in Geiger's telling, that is] is former prime minister Stephen Harper.
She juxtaposes the Harper government's muzzling of science and denial of climate change against its spending on Franklin projects as a proxy for Arctic energy projects, and concludes:
Franklin's Lost Ship is ... an artifact of the Harper government's approach to Arctic issues.
Franklin led "the worst disaster in exploration history."  The Lost Ship was published within days of "the definitive defeat of Harper's Conservative government."
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