Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The decline in history students

One hears anecdotes about the decline of history enrollments.  But, you know, profs are gloomy whiners... it's probably just anecdote.  But American stats say no:
If the numbers are right and if I’ve run them correctly, history departments graduated roughly 3,400 fewer students in AY 2013-14 than in the previous year. That’s a 9 percent decline, and it’s surprising because no year-over-year change in the last 15 years—up or down—has come close to being this large. And if we look at the number of history undergrad degrees as a percentage of all bachelors degrees, we see a slide that started in 2007 and has continued into 2014–a year in which history majors claimed only 1.73 percent of all bachelor’s degrees.
 Allen Mikaelian, author of this HNN piece, also has a blog full of "data visualizations" on the state of the history trade.
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