Monday, November 09, 2015

Caffeinated history

History is where you find it. Grabbing the usuals in our local No-Frills, I was kinda surprised to find "Louisbourg 1713 French Roast" coffee beans -- organic, fair-traded, roasted and packaged in Nova Scotia -- beside the Folgers and the President's Choices.

Hey, it worked on me, even at $14.99 a bag. Because as we all know, "By the Treaty of Utrecht, 1713, it was agreed that habitant-pecheurs on the fishing stations of Ile Royale had the right to have it hot and strong and black, straight from the cappuccino machine every morning."

Louisbourg 1713 comes from the Full Steam Coffee company from Guysborough, Nova Scotia, duly certified by the Fortress of Louisbourg Association.

The company also offers, among others, "Fogarty's Cove" blend and, um, "Titanic 1912." Delicious right to the bottom?
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