Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Archival Theft in Nova Scotia

Police in Nova Scotia more or less accidently came across a substantial hoard of documents and antiquities apparently stolen from archives, museums, and collections around the province, including a 1758 letter from James Wolfe..

"We believe that items such as books, documents, paintings, antiques were stolen from private collectors around Atlantic Canada, also from local universities, museums and even the legislature," said MacRae.
"We believe we have a painting from the Nova Scotia legislature so as one can see, it's a vast undertaking. 
Dalhousie Archivist Michael Moosberger told CBC News ....with the amount of items in the archives, it's possible for items to go missing..... "Somebody could take a letter out and we might never be aware it went missing," he said.
It's a serious business. but I can't help thinking that Library and Archives Canada has been moving to address this danger. They don't want anyone to see their documents, it increasingly seems. 
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