Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Bilson Prize: When does history start?

The Bilson Prize for Historical Fiction for Children, founded and first endowed by the late history professor 9and novelist) Geoffrey Bilson of Saskatchewan, was presented last night at the Children's Book Gala in Toronto.  It's one of my favourite book-gala events, partly because 1) it's at the tres swish Carlu, and 2) everybody goes around saying gleefully, "We're kid's writers. What are we doing at the Carlu?"  Also because they invite me, just because I was a juror a few years ago.

After a chat with some writers about who has the most iniquitous contracting practices, the CBC or Rogers Communications? (Answer: The CBC, because it should be better and still acts that way.), we all joined the presentations.  Valerie Sherrard won the Bilson for The Glory Wind.  Accepting the prize, she said that when they told her about the nomination, she said "Historical novel?  But it's only set about ten years before I was born.... Oh."

Goodreads on the book here.
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