Thursday, July 30, 2020

History of the pandemic ... and of journalism

Here we are, waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine so we can go back to our old lives. This story points out they've been working on an AIDS vaccine since the late 1970s, and there still isn't one.  Flu vaccine?  Works fairly well, most years.   

Haseltine also wants citizens to appreciate this bit of wisdom: a vaccine will not likely end this pandemic for several reasons.

For starters the most affected population, people over the age of 60, are the most difficult population to develop vaccines for. As the immune system ages, the effectiveness and duration of vaccines wanes with it. “It is very difficult to develop a vaccine for older people,” notes Haseltine.

The profile of cancer/HIV researcher William Haseltine by Alberta journalist Nikiforuk suggests neither of them is a crank or a shyster, but they have views on the pandemic I'm not seeing much elsewhere.  It appears in a Vancouver-based born-digital online only local "newspaper" called The Tyee.

I don't know how The Tyee got going or how it survives, or how it attracts so many good journalists. But it's enough that I find myself coming back to it often enough.  And some of the answers can be found in this conversation between founding editor David Beers and a Tyee intern
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