Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Cool history watch: digitizing New France

I've done a little work on New France. I've mostly assumed that while there were some Protestants in New France, they were mostly merchants from the port cities of western France and pretty transient between the colony and the metropole. Maybe not entirely, it seems.

At Borelia, by way of Unwritten Histories, Stephanie Pettigrew goes deep into digital databases of individuals who married in New France but were baptised in old France and starts finding out a truly unwritten history: colonists of New France who may have made a Catholic marriage but had been baptised Protestant back home. This post may be a teaser -- no numbers yet, no lists of names, but at least one vivid example. Some Quebeckers may be about to start exclaiming: 'Stie, calisse, on etait protestant!

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Update:  Speaking of Unwritten Histories, their annual guide to holiday gifts for historians is out -- and terrific.  (Might quibble a bit on the rule only allowing books from university presses by Ph.Ds  -- to my eye that eliminates most of the good ones!)
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