Thursday, September 24, 2015

Borealia, blog on early Canada

The restaurant: they do a thing with mussels in a steamy globe that is historic

Daniel Francis draws my attention to Borealia, a new group blog dedicated to the proposition that Canadian history pre-confederation really is worthy of (more) attention.  Word!

Google Borealia, and despite the difference in spelling, so far the blog is getting killed in the rankings by Boralia, the very hip, very wonderful, and rather expensive small restaurant on Ossington Street in Toronto dedicated to eating Canada. They do a tasting menu that offers high-chef allusions to pemmican, maple syrup, Red Fife wheat, Winnipeg goldeye, Malpeque oysters, cedar-planked salmon, and generally whatever seems indigenous and terrific in Canadian diets of the past.  (I was going to factcheck some Louisbourg reference in the menu, but the staff was busy and now I've forgotten anyway.)  They ought to cater every CanHist event ever held.

Meanwhile, link and push Borealia the blog up the rankings a bit!

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